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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  November 8, 2017 6:00am-7:01am EST

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he means a lot to all of us, and we will really miss him. baseball world is in mourning after former phillies all-star pitcher roy halladay is killed in the plane crash off the coast of florida this morning we are hearing from his former teammates and fans and legacy he leaves behind. pennsylvania state trooper remains hospitalized in critical condition this morning we are learning more about the man accused of pulling the trigger. or calling it a blue wave as democrats win governor races in new jersey and virginia, these are first major wins for democrat since president trump took office. we will break it down. it is wednesday november 8th good morning i'm jim donovan. katie, meisha keeping an eye on things this wednesday morning. good morning, you guys. >> good morning. happy hump day. we are looking okay but we will start off with three accidents right away and it seems like they are tripling up there. down poles and wires we have flooding on the ac expressway.
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my goodness lots going on. >> things are quieting down when it comes to the weather for now and it does appear as though there is a fine my, and there are radar issues with delaware radar site. you may not see precipitation on the camera, but what we do have is fine mist across southern delaware right now, meanwhile, elsewhere things are beginning to clear out, dry out but we are expect to go see some sunshine throughout the day and it does still say chilly, current temperatures outside pleasant valley middle and high school in broadheadville 36 degrees there, nice light wind we will see closer to what we get with the thermometer readings and light of day break go through that cloud deck. lets look forward for rest of the afternoon. the cloud does start to thin. further are north more likely you will see more sunshine but does stay cool for what is standard at this time of the year. daytime highs are back to the lower 50's. we will take it. by comparison to yesterday afternoon this isn't really all that terrible.
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lower 50's from three to 5:00 p.m. with the return of some sunshine, however, again, this is still below average and we are expecting even another drop off on the thermometer which we will discuss later on, meisha. >> just keeps getting colder. all right, katie, thanks very much. very good morning to all of you. we are looking outside right now, we have an accident in bucks county this is one of the several that kind of keep trickling out there. they are getting moved out fairly quickly but they still keep coming n bucks county route one southbound at 95 it is blocking two right lanes, looks like just left kind of lane, shoulder squeezing by there, lots of brake lights, in longer traveling at posted speeds, i would say wait wait a couple minutes if you have to go out there tack on an extra 25 or 30 minutes or so right now but we will increase that every 10 minute increment s. accident schuylkill eastbound at montgomery drive pulled off to that far right shoulder and moving on by we are looking okay tapping on your brakes
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ever so slightly. still dark out there. just take it easy. an accident with down pole and wires is what we were just talking about at the desk, 202 dekalb pike is still closed between schoolhouse lane and township line use. use reply mutt road as your best bet. another accident on the boulevard northbound outer lanes at devereaux avenue. more on this in the 10 to 15 minutes. jim and rahel, back to you. phillies fans are still in shock, heart broken over death of the roy halladay. >> all-star pitcher was killed in the plane crash yesterday. "eyewitness news" reporter frank does live at citizens bank park with more on the investigation and how fans are remembering him this morning, trang do, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, rahel and jim. ntsb has taken over the investigation so it will be sometime before we find out the cause of this crash. roy halladay was only a member of the fill fridays 2010 to 2013 but in that short time he made a huge impact on fans and teammates alike outside citizens bank park you can see some fans started a small memorial with some candles, as
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well as a hat, even a baseball , for this player that they affectionately called doc >> 1/2 pitch, it is hit toward third, castro has it, spins, fires, a perfect game, roy halladay, has thrown the second perfect game in philadelphia phillies history. roy halladay's time as a philly was short but unforget table. >> top three all time favorite baseball players. >> great pitcher, he brought life to philly, it is sad, tragic, he had to go. >> reporter: just afternoon time on tuesday halladay's single engine icon a5 crashed in shallow water in the gulf of mexico. he had just purchased the sport plane last month and expressed his excitement in the promotional video on you tube. >> to think i get to take that home is surreal. >> reporter: now fans, an organization and the community , in florida he called home, mourn looks of the great baseball player and by all accounts a great man.
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>> many know roy as a cy young winner, future hall of famer, one of the best pitch tours ever pitch in the game of baseball. we know roy as a person, and as a caring husband who loved his wife randy, and he loved his two boys tremendously. >> reporter: injuries and desire to spend more time with his family ended his baseball career in 2013 but in retirement he continued his love affair with the game by coaching youth teams. he also loved to fly. document ago this passion through photos and videos posted on twitter. >> his father was a pilot, i think that was right there. you look up to your dad always , and you know, i think that is something where he had that, he had that bug too, to want to fly. >> back out here live you can see electronic billboard above citizens bank park now serves as a tribute to this beloved player, new roy halladay leaves behind a wife, randy
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and two young sons, he was only 40 years old. for now we are live outside citizens bank park i'm trang do for cbs-3 "eyewitness news" jim and rahel, back to you. hearts are heavy in the phillies organization and major league baseball, coming up next half an hour pat gallen will join us to reaction to holiday's gift from former teammates. we expect to learn more about the pennsylvania state trooper critically injured in the shoot-out during a traffic stop. suspect in that shooting is facing charges that include attempted murder this happened yesterday morning on route 33 in plainfield township northampton county where troopers pulled over 22-year old daniel khalil clary for speeding. once trooper suspect clary might be under the influence there was an altercation. >> the troopers were in a income down, drag out fight along the side of the road, subject was able to free himself from the troopers while they wrestling him down to the ground. he goes back to his vehicle, retrieves a gun, takes the weapon out and then fires several shots at bet of our
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troopers. >> and clary was also injured in the exchange and drove himself to the hospital, the name of the injured trooper has not yet been released. we are expecting an update around 10:00 a.m. voters in philadelphia has chosen a progressive as their next district attorney. >> larry krasner what's electric yesterday in the landslide victory. jan carabao has more with what krasner plans to do with his new role, jan. >> reporter: rahel and jim, good morning. larry krasner will soon be the top prosecutor in the city of philadelphia meaning he will have to work hand a hand with the police department and that will be an interesting match up, to watches specially since the police union here in fill backed his opponent during the race. still krasner doesn't seem too worried about it, take a look. >> this was krasner's victory party at william way center last night he beat out republican beth grossman to succeed former district attorney seth williams who as
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you may remember was sentenced to prison for corruption. now krasner a long time civil rights attorney, ran a campaign focusing on fighting in equalities in the justice system. he will encourage a number of reforms including changes in the bail practices, that currently result in poor people being jailed while waiting trial and incarceration for lower level crimes. despite the president of the fraternal order of police here in philadelphia calling krasner quote anti law enforcement krasner says he will be able to help police commissioner and expects to have a productive relationship with the police department. here he is speaking last night to his supporters. listen. >> this is a movement that is tired of seeing a system that has systematically pick on poor people primarily black and brown people. >> i'm just proud. it was a good fight. i for the it. would i do anything for our city because i love it. >> that was the republican date beth gress man speaking to her supporters and thanking
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them last night. she has 20 plus years of experience in the district attorney's office, however she was soundly defeated by a three-one margin. krasner has no prosecution experience but he has have decade of experience as a defense attorney so he said that has prepared him for the job. he will take office in january reporting live from center city this morning, jan carabao for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". back inside to you. some are calling it a blue wave as democrats push back against a republican strong hold across the country. democrats took a big win in virginia's race for governor and new jersey has following suit as phil murphy has elect governor. they defeated kim guadagno yesterday by more than 10 percent. murphy a former wall street executive and diplomate will replace chris christie. at least 500 supporters cheered on murphy last night at asbury park convention hall he was greeted by his wife, three kid, murphy spent part of his speech speaking out against the current white house administration.
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>> this is one of the first major elections since donald trump what's elected. tonight, new jersey sent a unmistakable message to the entire nation: we are better then this. >> and murphy's win his running mate sheila oliver will be first black lieutenant governor in new jersey's history, republican kim guadagno conceded in monmouth beach. all eyes were on the race for governor of virginia where democrat ralph northham charged to victory. northham is currently state's lieutenant governor. race pitted him against former rnc chairman ed gillespy whose campaign tactics mimic president trump. during his victory speech northham was rushed off the stage. he return once given the all clear. >> virginia has answered and spoken, virginia has told us to end the divisiveness, that we will not conn down, hatred
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and bigotry and to end pot tics that have torn this country apart. >> the democratic gubernatorial winness virginia and new jersey are being seen as a referendum on the trump presidency. you can find a full list of election results plus our coverage of the campaign 2017 on our web site at cbs philly .com and on the cbs local app. overseas president trump is in china after two day vice tonight south korea president trump and first lady melania arrived to a very warm welcome during the visit mr. trump is hoping to get chinese president support to reign in north korea, trade is another issue high on the agenda there coming up vice-president pence head to texas as we learn more about the gunman in the church shooting and his troubled pennsylvania. country music world still reeling from last months shooting at a music festival in las vegas so brad paisley, car's underwood had their work cut out for them as they prior to hoe cna award. hear how they plan to honor victim. plane's engine catches on
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fire that land in seattle airport, we will have details up
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well, welcome back everyone this footage was captured at sea tack international airport in salt, one of the engine on a hawaii airlines jet burst in the flames racing down runway upon landing. only flight crew were on board no one was hurt. faa is investigating. and a lot closer to home not quite a winter wonder land but those in the poconos are
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starting to see some snow, cbs mobile weather watcher was there to catch the flying flakes, flying, yesterday at hickory run service plaza in jim thorpe, a little alliteration, flying flakes fly, what do flakes do jim, they fly. >> they float, don't they. >> okay. >> float, flying. >> we are getting very technical here. >> yes, people watching this are like let it snow. >> and speaking of i got a picture on twitter yesterday from a girl up in albright villarreally nice pocono communities, up there, jm, sent this in on twitter and yeah, this is her backyard, only count counties north. really pretty view. that was from yesterday. i wouldn't be shocked if this has already in fact started to thin out, this was at the height, however of when moisture was rolling through that area we will look at storm scan three and disturbance is now moving away we are still close enough to the leading back edge of some moisture that we are finding
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some miss continuing through del marva peninsula, southern most new jersey, further south we will see. that otherwise, clearing out for sun every where else and we have reenforcing cold air over hudson bay that starts to drop in come tomorrow. that is where we will turn our focus tomorrow early morning we should be fine throughout the morning drive but notice cloud building here comes this next front. this has canadian cold air packing a punch in its wake. while we see a few showers it does clear out and then by friday early morning it will be really cold outside but not as cold as early morning saturday will be. take a look at this philadelphia, we're expect ago this low to dip down to 25 degrees, in philadelphia, in less we are not even talking about the suburbs let alone mountains. that is coming awfully close to the record low setback in 1961 of 21 degrees. we will see how we do regardless we are talking about really cold air here friday, saturday. you don't even break out of the low to mid 40's. we will rebound come sunday
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and we will get some sunshine to go witt. >> silver lining, right there that sunshine. thanks very much. very good morning to all of you, happy hump day, guys. we are looking outside at an accident in bucks county. route one southbound at 95, two right lanes block, it is pulled off to the shoulder looking better here, you can see, volume levels are in the looking as bad as they once did. we are looking better there accident schuylkill eastbound at montgomery drive this one was pulled off too, you can still see those flashing lights off in the distance so just a head up see schuylkill ease bun at montgomery drive how busy we are getting as well, very busy. ninety-five south before academy drive lets get this camera working at full speed addition, we should be. we have another accident here, 95 south before academy road that is where we have another accident. accident here, down pole and wires, lower gwynedd township 202 dekalb pike is closed between schoolhouse lane and township line use, use reply mutt road as your best bet,
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jim, back over to you. new information this morning about the mental health of the texas church shooter during his time in the air force, correspondent hanna dova shows us information is raising more questions about how he was able to get his hands on weapons before his deadly shooting ram page. >> for some reason, i was just alarmed, and she would still within me. >> reporter: shirleen is talking about her 16 year-old daughter haley, one of the victims of sunday's church shooting in texas as more information emerges about the gun man's mental health so too do more questions about how he was able to legally get his hands on guns, and 2012 shooter escaped from a civilian mental health center where he had been placed by air force for treatment. in an el paso police report from that same year he was described as a quote, danger to himself and others, police say he was attempting to carry out death threats he had made on his military chain of command, few months later he
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was court marshalled for domestic violence that commission was never entered by air force into a database that would have prevented him from buying weapons. >> it is pretty clear that the checklist that we use was not followed by the local office and his fingerprints should have been put into the date base and they were not. >> reporter: two senators tuesday one republican, one democrat announced new legislation that would close loop hole allowing that to happen. >> i think this legislation creates an effective procedure and clear lines of authority and oversight to fix that problem. >> reporter: pentagon inspector jennies also reviewing the reports that the pentagon knew for two decade about failure toss give military criminal history information to the fbi, hanna doba for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". country music stars will be in nashville tonight for country music association award, the award show comes five weeks after that mass shooting a ate music festival in las vegas. brad paisley and car's
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underwood are hosting shoed for the tenth time. while they plan to tell jokes, watch performances and hand out award, they want to honor 58 people killed in las vegas. >> i think the main thing we are trying to do with this show is unify, this show can be a combination of the entertainment and therapy to some degree, and it feels like we will do our best to honor those we have lost and also sing this music at the top of our lungs. >> paisley says the attack basically hit close to home because he has performed at that very same festival. well, coming up next why dogs at the pennsylvania spca will be sleeping better. >> and from our phone to our computers we are constantly bombarded with blue light and that can be hazardous tour health, we will explain, later in the healthwatch, stay with
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welcome back everyone we are looking at a week end that starts off on a very chile side with our temperatures on saturday, especially looking
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very cold but with sunshine. by sunday we will start to see a few more cloud build in and not as harsh on the thermometer either, guys. katie, thank you. for a look at newspaper headlines across the region. >> from the bucks county courier time a robbery suspect surrenders, peter james harkins the third of phoenixville is charged with robbing a bank on street road in bensalem on october 31st. harkins is also wanted for allegedly robbing pizza hut in phoenixville and domino's pizza up inner more land. burlington county times in moorestown is looking up to grade meeters with smart meter technology. for years parking downtown has been a center of debate, in addition to replacing the 125 meters along main street township also intend toss install technology capable of accepting credit card. from the intelligencers a teacher in the central bucks school district has a special place in the heart of the veterans, michelle, a seventh grade english language art teacher has been named teacher
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on have the year by vfw powe in doyletown boro and state vfw organization. >> good for home. >> congratulations to her. >> that is a look at newspaper headlines around the delaware valley. dogs at pennsylvania spca will get a better night sleep. >> big barker company donate 27 orthopedic dog bed to the p spca shelter hospital in north philadelphia yesterday. the bed eliminate pressure points from the dog's body making k-9 patients more comfortable so in turn they will recover faster during their hospital stay. >> great idea there. well, coming up in the next hour of "eyewitness news" , new jersey governor chris christie argued with the voter at the polls. plus this... >> do not under estimate us, and do not, try us. well, you heard him there president trump issues a direct warning to north korea we have the latest from his trip to asia, pat. do you remember where you were when the doc threw a perfect game we will share how he made it even after
6:27 am
achieving perfection, we will lah back at the life and career of roy halladay next up , meisha. we are looking outside right now and we are getting busy on this wednesday morning we have four accidents, disabled vehicle, construction and flooding. have those updates. take a quick break, stay right where you are,
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good morning aim jim donovan. i'm rahel solomon. 6:30. here's what you need to know to start your day in the morning minute, november 8th, 2017. >> roy halladay has thrown the second perfect game. >> we are remembering phillies great roy halladay. >> all-star pitcher was killed in the plane crash yesterday. >> here outside citizens bank park some fans have left a small memorial here in honor of the man they lovingly called doc. >> terrible, devastating,
6:31 am
shocked to hear. >> quite unquote white whale pitcher gm reuben amaro junior find for and phillies fan fell in love with even before he put on the pinstripes. >> he means a lot to all of us we will really miss him. >> this is what democracy looks like. >> in philadelphia voters have chosen democrat larry krasner to be their new district attorney. >> he will to have work with the police department and that will be an interesting partnership, since police union back his opponent during this race. steel and the slam. simmons, and slammed it in for two ben simmons, did it again. >> sixers fans, boom. >> today's morning minis sponsored by penn medicine's abramson cancer center, the number one cancer center in the region. well, sixers are on a five game winning streak they beat jazz last night 104-97. >> congrats to the team. >> our weather is on a chilly
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streak. i don't know fit is winning but chilly. >> a lot of people i have heard from that are longing for the cool weather, someone that comes to mind is kenney man on twitter. follows and watches the she but he hates when i tell but warm weather. so one example of many, you know, now time to break out winter coats, yeah, this is a live picture at jack frost big boulder, little coating of snow did in fact fall, ski lovers rejoyce now, ski season is completely underway but we will have cold air re enforcement coming along here so we will see if weather , they decide to open them up any team soon but for now, expect that wet weather from yesterday will clear out. down near shore points southern most counties especially we do have some rain or more so just a light miss continuing that led to damp red ways initially here today but with time, everybody does dry out and start to clear out too we are at 41 in wilmington, philadelphia, lower 30's in mount pocono,
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chilly start to the morning, not terribly breezy but wind flow is out of the north, as day goes on it will stay that way more out of the northe but regardless we should brighten up in most spots for some sunshine. further north west you go as true for poconos brighter it will be, but do i think if there is any snow on the ground up that way it is going to have the opportunity to at lee thin out if in the completely melt away but there is even colder air waiting in the wings, i will let you know when that gets here coming up. >> katie, thanks very much. if you deal with that cold we will want to see that sun and good to hear that we will see it. good morning, happy hump day to you, we are looking out here, it looks like a disable vehicle 95 north ramp to west bun vine, people are outside so just take it easy traveling on by and it looks like you are doing so heading out there right now maybe in the a bad idea to give yourself a couple extra minutes there looking outside again we have an accident 95 south before academy road head up, pulled off, to that far right but you
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can see this is an area getting busy. i-95 south before academy road very busy there. another accident involving injuries 95 north past academy block ago this left lane, two left lanes new and actually looks like something, vehicle is off in the ditch as well. this is also an area that gets very, very slow. where is this? i-95 north past academy so 95 south past academy and northbound side very busy area if you can avoid it, you will want to do so. jim, back over to you. ntsb is promising a full investigation in the cause of the plane crash that killed former phillies pitcher roy halladay. >> authorities say two time cy young award western died after his single engine plane crashed. it was found floating upside down in shallow waters. halladay was only person on board this morning phillies fans are remembering the man so many called doc. >> terrible, devastating, we were shocked to hear. >> he played his heart out and
6:35 am
was just respected not just on the field but inside the locker room, you know, just brought everything he had out there and we respected him. >> faa confirms halladay was flying an icon a5 a sport plane that the all-star pitcher just purchased last month, halladay was just 40 years old. roy halladay being remembered by his former phillies teammates. >> he was with the phillies for parts of the four seasons, pat gallen is here to show us those seasons run forgettable. >> such a well respected member of the major league baseball. may 29th, 2010 sitting in a car with three friend driving through bethenny beach delaware we listen to the phillies and marlins on the i phone. we pulled in the parking lot hoping to hear roy halladay make history. i will never forget where i was where the doc through 20th perfect game in major league history. but, after achieving perfection, halladay could not make bit himself. he spent tens of thousands office dollars purchasing 60
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luxury watches for everyone in the phillies clubhouse, engraved on the box halladay wrote quote we did it together , thanks. halladay died yesterday, in a plane crash off the florida coast, in the gulf of mexico. he wases 40 years old. he leaves behind his wife brandy and two sons ryan and brayden. on the field halladay was one of the greatest pitchers of this generation a tireless worker. he toss a perfect game and second no hitter in powe season history. he won 2cy young award, one with the phillies in 2010. halladay spent four seasons with the phillies but certainly left his mark. >> he was a soft spoken man, and, he was just an incredible work ethic and those are characteristics that a, made him a leader because he didn't lead with his voice, he led with his example, and i think also what made him such a good
6:37 am
human being. >> all of us, what he meant and what he still will mean to us. it is very, very unfortunate. >> there was plenty of reaction from those who played with and against roy halladay, ryan howard writes such a sad day we who a great ball player but an even better human being many prayers to brandy, ryan a brayden we will miss you. brad lidge reaching out, quote heart broken roy was always the guy i looked up to in little league, high school, in the bigs, so lucky to have been the teammate, incredible husband and dad. people miss you, doc. millville native and two time mvp mike trout sharing his thoughts in shock, over terrible news about roy halladay a pitcher i grew up admiring and rooting for. praying for his family and friend, ripdoc. chase utley took to instagram to share this great story about that legendary work ethic. quote my heart hurts writing this i can still remember the
6:38 am
first day we met. it was 5:45 a.m. on the first day of spring training when a arrived. he was finishing his breakfast but his clothes were soaking wet. i asked fit was raining when he got in. he laughed and said no, i just finished my work out. i knew right then he was the real deal. thank you roy for allowing us to witness, what it takes to be the best. we will miss you all. halladay even had i great sense of humor a blog called zoo with roy was name in his honor and love affair the city had with the new phillies pitchers and how they wanted to take a trip to the zoo with him what did dough when he found out about the blog? he took a trip to the zoo with the creator of the web site. he was just that kind of a guy roy halladay will be missed. so many store business that with him. he didn't say very much, but it was example that he set as david montgomery said for all of the people around him. >> clearly. >> hearing the same thing over and over again. >> yes. >> well, turning to campaign 2017 philadelphia finally has a new district attorney, to replace seth williams, democrat larry krasner
6:39 am
celebrated with fans last night after his massive win over republican beth grossman. krasner will take office in january. meanwhile in new jersey democrat phil murphy is seen taking the stage we will see him in a moment here after being elected governor jumped on stage there and beat republican lieutenant governor kim guadagno by more than 10 percent, murphy, a former wall street executive and diplomate will take over for chris christie in january. >> christie might be on his way out as new jersey governor but still as vocal as ever. >> run for the township committee, and be the voice to do it. i know because that is too hard. it is easier to sit here, it is easier to sit here and complain. >> christie being chris christie there. governor was caught in the verbal fight with the bowler outside bowling place in mend ham bureau, morris county. person apparently asked christie were he never merged a township and boro. >> at lee he is consistent. president trump continues his tour of asia. he is in china where he is expect to talk trade and north
6:40 am
korea china spared no expense welcoming the president and first lady melania trump. the arrival ceremony what's lab break even by china's lavish standard. before leaving earlier in the day president had a message for leader of north korea, cbs news correspondent stephen portnoy is traveling with the president. >> reporter: president trump touched down in china third leg of his asian tour his first stop forbidden city where he sat down for welcomed tea with chinese leadership, in addition to trade the president is expect to focus heavily on reigning in north korea. >> history is filled with discarded regimes that have foolishly tested america's resolve. >> reporter: that was mr. trump addressing north korean situation while wrapping up his visit to south cover re, he spoke at national assembly at sewell, urging kim jong u.n. to abandon his quest for nuclear arms. >> the weapons you are acquiring are not making you safer, they are putting your regime in grave danger.
6:41 am
>> reporter: president's day got off to an in auspicious start an attempt to make a surprise morning trip to the board werth north was aborted before landing due to a soupy fog that hit the zone. president trump now begins two full days of meetings, chinese president ping. stephen portnoy with the president in beijing. well, coming up next a look at other election results from our area and high profile race's cross the country. plus blue light danger find out why, the devices right before bedtime is especially bad for your health if you are want of those people who put ranch breasting on everything, we have a whole keg of ranch dressing, um-hmm. >> ♪ >> i feel like i will get a keg of anything it is not going to be ranch dressing. we will tell you how much this keg of ranch totals when we come back.
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well, if you like shopping at reading terminal market there is a new option to enjoy your favorite items. >> twenty vendors from the market are offering on line shopping, place an order and staffers will let you know when it is ready and tell market you are 10 minutes away and staff will meet you at curb. on line ordering system is up for the season. >> i love that idea. >> for those who cannot get enough ranch dressing, it is a keg of ranch available at a food web site called flavor gallery, a year supply of hidden valley ranch dress nothing a lined keg that will keep the dressing, taste, tasting fresh all year round. is there only 50 bucks and in time for holiday. kegs begin shipping out december 11th. >> good deal. >> yum. >> how do you refridge rate that. you have to refridge rate ranch. >> you get the tap, put ranch out over your wings.
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>> okay. >> my husband brought one from college and it is still in our basement. >> that is the answer, all right. >> i will put it on him on that one. i don't know though but just looking at at that makes my wo o zy. >> you can way too much of a good thing, anything. let's consider that. eyewitness weather watchers there is definitely a chim in the air. look at the slew of observation from his that last hour. most of the watchers are reporting upper 30's. warmest spots on the bunch is 42 degrees, that is not right, 39 from william. we can zero in on this sometimes this touch screen can be tricky. hangs for that observation. kennett sent in 42. i wanted to show because comment is it feels great outside. this proves my point not everyone loves the warmth as i do, or as mess of the people in this room do but a lot of folks are looking forward to the cooler air. so there you have it. meanwhile pretty picture from
6:47 am
the weather watchers this morning. here it is, jim that waning gi bits move. still some haze from the cloud skewing that view but this was taken earlier this morning before the sun came out. it is now 73.8 percent illuminated if i'm recalling correctly. it technically sets just after is 11:00 a.m. but we will lose view because of the sunrise. lets go out to storm scan three where disturbance across the area yesterday was pretty much gone but we have moisture here, down through mid-atlantic, del marva peninsula. we have seen reports and also, field camera shots of some damp roadways, still dreary in the southern most, south east most counties, keep that in mind. coastal flood advisory as of 9:00 this morning, specifically to the immediate shoreline with that next astronomical high tied that could have minor coastal flood ago this could shut down roadways especially a typical roadway that normally gets shut down in that event you might see that happen.
6:48 am
meanwhile looking forward, your eye gets drawn right to these two days, really chilly conditions coming up, don't let bright sunshine fool you, meisha, it will be chilly both friday and saturday. >> crazy to say pack sunglasses, sunshine and talk about those freezing cold temperatures, katie, thanks very much. so what are we talking about in the world of travel? lots of accidents. disabled vehicle 95 north around westbound vine but right behind that vehicle is a multi car pile up, an accident behind the vehicle involving eyewitnesses say five or more vehicles at this point. again right behind where that disable 95 north ramp to westbound vine. if you can avoid the area you will want to do so. you can see a sea of vehicles piling up behind you there. ninety-five south another accident here so head up on this, very slow moving around this area, quick peak at schuylkill westbound at city avenue you can see bumper to bumper conditions there we have another accident 95 north at route 896 be weary of. that accident on 202 cleared
6:49 am
but we have another accident out here on the boulevard, boulevard northbound at devereaux avenue one inner lane, one outer lane, bumper to bumper conditions you can see right there showing you, red letting you know it is bumper to bumper and eases up but still traveling around 25 to 30 miles an hour, jim and rahel, back over to you. on the healthwatch you see it looking at your phone, computer or even when you walk into some rooms. >> it can have a big impact on your health especially if you see it at night. doctor malika marshall hose us how. >> reporter: edward had trouble falling asleep and staying asleep so he has made big changes at home. >> it is a regular routine. >> reporter: his television, tablet and computer are set up so he sees warmer colors from dusk to dawn, and so is the lighting in his home. he is trying to block blue light from electronics and energy efficient light bulbs at night. >> it does help me personally and as a patient feel more ready for sleep and get to sleep a lot easier.
6:50 am
>> reporter: doctor charles sizeler has been studying blue light for years and says exposure at nightes there off body's biological clock and suppresses the release of melatonin. >> we have done studies showing if we read for example from an ipad, in the few hours before bedtime, that that resets our clock by about a hour and a half. >> reporter: is there evidence that exposure to blue light at night may not just affect sleep. >> shifting, and repeatedly has been associated with increased risk of various types of cancer, including colon rectal cancer, breast cancer, and prostate cancer. >> reporter: best advice if you work at night or use devices at night use settings like edward does. avoid bright screens two to three hours before bed. >> nights when i'm really compliant yes it does help, significantly. nights where you are in the compliant you really can feel it. >> reporter: that is why
6:51 am
edward choose toss pick up an actual book before bed. doctor malika marshall, cbs news, boston. >> that is what i do, yes, i don't use my computer. well, teachers aid in nebraska is helping to teach second graders to pick up their pencils and crayons. >> if they don't she will chew on them. pencils and crayons not children. she is a therapy dog and lives south of omaha. she comes to school a few times a week. her owner is second grade teacher, kelly bornbrook and she is a friendly face in the classroom. >> if you are having a hard time you might get to the chill chair and she might come over. >> i have seen her sit with students who have autism when they are starting to have, feel really overwhelmed she will go and sit underneath their chair and they will just reach down, pet her, and her vest is her sign that she has to go to work. when i put her vest on she's a completely different dog. at home i see a lot of the
6:52 am
puppy behavior. >> fascinating. fear i helps students to learn to talk, quiet will you because she has sensitive ears >> i love that. time is 6:52. there is a lot coming up on cbs this morning. >> gayle king and charlie rose joins us live with a preview, good morning, guys good morning, ahead president trump 's sharp warning to north korea after his attempted visit to the dm z. >> historic conversation with david shulkin, changes he is making to the nation's largest health care system and his response to the texas shooter and whether more could have been done to help him. only on cbs this morning co founders, respond to the lawsuit that claims the clothing company is a pyramid scheme, all that plus eye opener, your world, in 90 seconds. we will see you at 7:00. >> we will be watching, thanks , guys. inner news, people of virginia made history last night when they elected a democrat to the house of delegates. she is first trans fendered person to be elect and seated
6:53 am
in the state legislature in the united states. this is video from her victory party. rome unseated long serving state lawmakers who sponsored a bill that would have restrict which bathroom she would have used. >> i won because i'm transgender and because i am a reporter and i'm a life long resident. i never ran away from it. i championed them. >> rome openly discussed her gender identity during her campaign but far from her focus. she focused on jobs, schools in northern virginia's traffic problems. and also in virginia, democrat chris hours has been elect to the state house. he's a former news anchor and boyfriend of the reporter shot and killed on live television, and he said he will fight for cause that is were dear to him and his late girlfriend allison parker. parker and her photographer were shot during a live tv broadcast in 2015, gunman also a former reporter killed himself. lets take a lot at results from other racees from our area. >> voters in philadelphia have
6:54 am
selected democrat rebecca rhynhart, as the city's next controller. four three-year old left a job in finance to work for the nutter administration and then stayed on with the kenney administration. allentown married he had pawlowski won a fourth term despite facing federal corruption charges. pawlowski denied allegations he accepted campaign contributions in exchange for city contracts him. trial is set for january. you can find a full list of results plus our coverage of campaign 2016, 2017 on our web site at cbs and cbs local app, we will be right back with three to
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well, before you head out here's three to go. >> manufacturer of the aircraft that crashed and claimed life of the former phillies pitcher roy halladay has promised to cooperate win investigators. halladay was 40 years old. pennsylvania state police well update media at 10:00 a.m. we expect to learn more about the critically injured trooper in the shooting yesterday. public hearing on the plan to dissolve school reform commission is being held at lutheran they logical send earth. >> lets get a last check of weather and traffic. >> you may see a lit built of different scenario walking outside right now. it is damp right now. beach patrol headquarters specific to the southeast most counties where we may find a miss but generally everyone starting to dry out. we all will. it is still cooler then average here for next few days , meisha. katie, thank you. we have an accident involving five vehicles, weird camera
6:59 am
shot here 95 north ramp to westbound vine, take my word, avoid the area if you can very busy, roosevelt boulevard northbound at devereaux avenue outer lanes closed because of another accident. a new flower delivery service in oregon is attract ago tension thanks to a delivery center. >> freshly picked flowers are delivered by, wait for it, goats, delivery service say you can enjoy flowers yourself or just feed them to the delivery goats. goat grams are $50 but right new they are only available in the portland organ area. >> throwing $50 out the window if the goats eat flowers it is novelty of seeing the goats. >> yes. >> yes. >> cbs this morning is coming up next. >> join us each weekday morning on cbs-3 at 4:30 a.m., have a great day. >> bye-bye.
7:00 am
captioning funded by cbs good morning. it is wednesday, november 8th, 2017. welcome to "cbs this morning." president trump lands in china hours after it sharply criticized its is up fort for north korea. the president calls on everyone to act against the kingdom labeling its a hell that nobody deserves. plus why a surprise visit to the dnc was scrapped at the last minute. one year after new jersey and virginia go big for democrats. their lift a damaged party's spirit. >> some including one of the famous ball brothers could face


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